Monthly Archives: December 2004

Speaking of preaching on TV

It was in the news this morning that the late Archbishop Sheen is being set up for Sainthood. I remember watching his show as a child. The man frightened me to no end. It could take up to 50 years … Continue reading

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Preaching on TV

When I was traveling in the South, I found the number of broacast religious services amazing. I thought, being from The North, since Bishop Sheen stopped broadcasting from Boston, we were fairly preaching free. Then I watched West Wing on … Continue reading

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How to add photos

I have tooled around this beta site and have yet to find a way to add a photo to the My Photos section. It’s easy to get there, but there is no choice on adding a photo. Please leave a … Continue reading

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Opening Salvo

Each new entry in a new blog host for me has always started with the words Opening Salvo. This is one way to tell if the blog was created by sgtret or not. There is a lot of chatter on … Continue reading

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