Preaching on TV

When I was traveling in the South, I found the number of broacast religious services amazing.
I thought, being from The North, since Bishop Sheen stopped broadcasting from Boston,
we were fairly preaching free.

Then I watched West Wing on NBC this week and then Startrek: Enterprise on SciFi.

Both were, in their storyline, preaching about the general political atmosphere and
current government by fiat in vogue in the United States.

This can be expected on West Wing. It is, after all, a show about politics.

But does ST:E really need to go that far?
Why not?

It has always been the writer’s way of expressing their opinions through their work.

More power to them. I don’t have to agree with their message to applaud that here they can broadcast it.

This is in contrast to Iran where it is reported elsewhere that
several bloggers have been arrested for doing the very same thing
in a more open fashion; in a more open forum.

They can arrest as many people as they want,
but as long as the internet is open and free of government interference,
people will come here and express their hearts out.


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