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From whence came all the programs

Back in the 80’s when I took home my first 8080 PC, the program was on one five inch floppy while the OS ran on the other 360K disk.  Then came the 80286>80386 and the hard drive. Soon after the … Continue reading

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Link About Living Longer

This link found lists way to live longer.  We found the part about dark chocolate to be of the most interest. -30-

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Mastering Google Reader

In a few of our blog entries we have complained about being overwhelmed by Google Reader.  This is no longer so. We have made few modifications in the manner in which it is read, while simultaneously adding a dozen or … Continue reading

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A Break with Tradition

For the past 12 years, two dear friends of ours from "back in the day" have come up to visit us from the city.  Along with them came their growing family.  In totum now there are seven of them. It … Continue reading

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The problem with the Live Writer usage with Movable Type was looking for the API Password.  It isn’t called that in the user profile.  It is called  Web Services Password.  I followed all of the directions to embed the .xml … Continue reading

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Live Writer Has Arrived!!

Now that Live Writer is a usable blog editor you are guaranteed to see more entries here at Random Grazing Space.  The other active grazing blogs are rooted in Belltower News.  The catchall blog is Other Grazing on Live Journal. … Continue reading

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