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Morning Reading Habits

It has been a very long time since I sat at the table eating breakfast reading the local paper, or the NEW YORK TIMES. Within the last year I have changed my habit several times.  When the year started I … Continue reading

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The Rush is Over…Whew!

The month of January is not the busiest for our business, but the busiest for me.  It is the preparation for the new year as well as the justification for actions taken in the past year.  This division of years … Continue reading

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Catching Up with Promised Comments

First, the name of the two books that weren’t available for Kindle download. Shakespeare The Thinker by A.D. Nuttall. Criminal Reason by Michael Gregorio. Both were available in print from Amazon.  I will buy them when I am next in … Continue reading

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The Kindle She Come!

After all my B&M comments, I must say, it was worth the wait.  It came in time for the weekend and a scheduled dentist appointment and children’s party pickup.  As would be expected, I have already downloaded three books at … Continue reading

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Disgruntled Amazon User and Active Words.

It would seem there are more people out there disgruntled with the practices of  My grievance continues with the lack of delivery of the Kindle which was ordered last year on December 2nd.  Here is a link to an … Continue reading

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Kindle Update: Still Not Here!!!

In this morning’s New York Times, in the technology section, in a column called Talking Business is an article praising to the high hills.  It tells of a wonderful Christmas story where an article, though it made it to … Continue reading

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Almanac Links of Great Interest

Each year, for the past thirty or so years, I have found a copy of The World Almanac and Book of Facts in my stocking.  The first section I go to always is the obituaries.  Each year, without fail, I … Continue reading

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