Disgruntled Amazon User and Active Words.

It would seem there are more people out there disgruntled with the practices of Amazon.com.  My grievance continues with the lack of delivery of the Kindle which was ordered last year on December 2nd. 

Here is a link to an entry at Geeknewscentral.com.  If you would like a virtual visit to CES, almost to the point where you can taste the shrimp and the "White Castle-like hamburgers, it is a good time to visit Geeknewscentral.com.

It was during one of the back-channel wanderings that I overheard a conversation regarding ActiveWords.  The praise heaped upon this program was a wonder to me.  I wasn’t sure exactly what it did, but I had to at least load it and see. 

So far, most of the actions are in the background and only noticeable, because I am looking for them.  Once the marvel of it al fades, I will only notice it when it’s  not working.


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