The Kindle She Come!

After all my B&M comments, I must say, it was worth the wait. 

It came in time for the weekend and a scheduled dentist appointment and children’s party pickup.  As would be expected, I have already downloaded three books at little cost.  I bought one copy of the New York Times and Reader’s Digest and signed on to do 14 day free trials of several blogs at no additional cost.

The best part so far is the almost instantaneous download.  By the time you drag yourself away from the on-line store, whatever you ordered is already loaded.  The next best thing, having only had in my hands for four hours, is the choice to download a sample of any book you may be interested in.  This takes the place of perusing the hardcopy volume in the book store.

I downloaded the introduction and first chapter of David McCullough’s Brave Companions.  I sat on the couch and devoured it.  On the last page, a simple click brought the rest of the book into my lap. 

This could be like an addictive drug, where they give a "taste" for free to get you hooked and then quickly own your soul.

The bad part, so far, is I didn’t buy two books in a bookstore over the weekend in Maine because I thought I could download them.  Not so, neither book was available.  I will mention the titles when I write further tomorrow when not utterly exhausted.

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