Morning Reading Habits

It has been a very long time since I sat at the table eating breakfast reading the local paper, or the NEW YORK TIMES. Within the last year I have changed my habit several times.  When the year started I was at My Yahoo! in the morning.  Then I went to the email sent to me around five a.m. by the NEW YORK TIMES.  I would click on the stories of interest and then read them individually on Firefox.

This lasted for a while.  Then I found Google Reader. 

At first I used it just to keep up on blogs.  Then I started first with the NEW YORK TIMES and then The Washington Post.  Soon this was followed by BBC TV News and The Scotsman.  Then International Herald Tribune.  Suffice to say there are now twenty eight news services subscribed on Google Reader.

Then the geek material started to creep in.  Software, Hardware, Life——.  Now, instead of reading it once in the morning and perhaps before bed, I keep it up in a tag on Firefox so the alerts pop up when the message is posted.  A service such as this would have cost the high level executive a fortune not that many years ago.  There was a time in my youth when my job was to peruse the morning papers from around the world and clip out those stories that were about the organization for which I worked.  Not stories that I felt may affect the organization, but only those with the organization’s name or the names of one or more of its officers.  Now a kid can do that about the girls in his class at no extra cost.
Frightening, in some ways.

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