The Rush is Over…Whew!

The month of January is not the busiest for our business, but the busiest for me.  It is the preparation for the new year as well as the justification for actions taken in the past year.  This division of years is artificial, as is the concept of time itself. However artificial, it is the reality of our existence if we choose for it to be.

This is now the weekend.  It is a time where the deadlines and barriers for the most part are self created; not created by the company but by the circumstances we have created for ourselves.  It is the time to socialize or sequester. I like to think a combination of the two is the healthiest selection.  In the century before the last there was a time when a person was "at home."

This meant it was a time when people could come to visit and they would be most welcome.  Sunday afternoon, between lunch and dinner was usually this time.  Then Sunday dinner was a meal to which you invited those with whom you wanted to spend more collective time, time where they, you and your household would interact.

This tradition carried over into the Twentieth Century but soon faded with the spread of radio, movies and television.  Now that time where people called and received was reserved for sitting in front of a box and listening to FDR talk, or Artie Shaw entertain.  The Sunday Dinner was replaced by the TV dinner.  The interaction became sitting in the same room with others watching The Show of Shows or Ed Sullivan.

Now, in the Twenty First Century, on a Sunday night, the family retreat to their various forms of electronic communication where they, in each individual way, collectively communicate with others. 

Oddly enough, it is all the same.  The Sunday Dinners, the TV Dinners, the microwaved meal next to the keyboard.  They are all remnants of sitting around the campfire, in the cave, telling each other how we avoided being eaten today by the big bad world outside of the cave.

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