Twitter: What’s Up?

The only one from whom I seem to be getting any information on Twitter is Leo Laporte.  He used the twitter email address to get his information from his visit to the Nile back to US.  Now, did the Internet connection for North Africa and India  collapse while he was there or after he left.  Hmm.

Then, in today’s CommandN, Twitter add-ons were part of the weekly Tech-Tips.  Realizing I hadn’t been on Twitter since last December I went in to see what I had left behind.  Pretty much nothing.

I let Twitter look at my GMail contacts only to find none of the several hundred people on my list seem to have Twitter accounts.  More likely, if they do, they’re not using the official email address that would be found in my Thunderbird address book.

Jaiku makes much more sense.  That, and we have it as box on in the right column of

I need to read more about Twitter and see about the fuss.

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