Contemplating Ashes in the Cave

It was good to start the morning with my newly arrived loose tea now on standard order with and a podcast from snowy Toronto.
Work in the trenches has kept me from keeping the blogs in good working order. I would love to promise improvement, but there is this quirky eating thing to which I have grown so accustomed. The other two distractions are, as before, the Google Reader and Kindle.
Out Google Reader subscription list is now a ridiculous number. However, the shortcuts, such as the letters m and j as well as the space bar do let me browse at a quicker pace. There is literature out there that says the human attention span is diminishing due to browsing in this manner. I don’t know about that.
When mankind had little more to do then contemplate the ashes from last night’s fire, the attention span may have been longer, but now with the entire world coming to our face on the computer screen, we need to be able to triage the information.
The program Q10, a full screen editor that brings me back to my DOS 8086, with the blue back ground and yellow print  it helps to remove the distraction of bars and pop ups. I am using it now for the first copy of this entry.
The sound effect of the typewriter also soothes my ancient soul.
On the Kindle front, I have discovered Samples. I have mentioned a comparison between the Kindle and heroin. The offering of samples is along the same line.
This morning, before anything else, I went to the kindle books Web site and chose a dozen or so books to sample. Of the dozen, I chose to buy Gore Vidal’s memoir. I am toying with The Man Who Created Sherlock Holmes but will decide that after finishing Gore Vidal’s book.
If you go down the right column on you will see the Google Reader box. I am constantly adding links in that box even when not making entries to the blog.
So, if you come to or any of the other Grazing Blogs, and there are no new entries, it would behoove you to at least glance at the Reader links.

Some of this stuff is fantastic.

Back to Google Reader!!!

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