Two Hours At Google Reader

Using the Firefox Extension, Read-it-later, I was able this morning to hold for later viewing all of the links below while browsing through  the Google Reader .

What assisted me in copying these links I as perused them in Firefox clicking on the Read-it-later and the Read-it icons was the newest note taking utility added to the laptop, Quicknote.  Quicknote was praised  in an earlier blog entry.

The Read-it-later extension is not only for Google Reader.  It copies to its bookmark any link you may encounter while browsing.  Therefore, one or two of the links below may have come from browsing places like Technorati or commandN, but most come from Google Reader, whither  there are feeds from both of these sites

I have loaded the complete link below the names of the sites instead of embedding them.  This way you can see, before you click on them, exactly where the link is taking you.

Read-It-Later Links

What is Relativity?


GMail Skins

WOT For Firefox

The Draco Tavern

Archbishop Defends Remarks

Google Map Mashups

Stephen King On Writing

First Look at Firefox 3.0

WiFi Sites

Photo Enforced

The Elegant Variation


Duke of York Trashes US

Creative Swearing     (This is very fast but funny)

Configuring GMail Imap in Thunderbird


Romney Exits (Herald Tribune)

Dignity Village

Smoke at Ansonia

commandN #121

Add Content to Google Maps

Create PDF Magazines

Cram Magazine (PDF)

Daily Dose of Imagery

The Tenant Who Wrote Macbeth

Word and OpenOffice Compatibility

How to Fold a Towel Monkey

Digital Camera Reviews

Blogger Buzz


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