Evening Graze

The first link listed by a newly added feed, Laughing Squid in San Francisco is about San Francisco Liberation Radio.  I thought it might be insightful, interesting or at the very least funny. It was self important, attention getting and raided by a government agency.  What fun. -S-

Laughing Squid has been sited by several of the more sophisticated on-line commentators. We won’t give it the hook just yet.  Tick-tick

The DownloadSquad displayed a systems utility to transform the PrntScrn button to actually print the screen rather than copying the screen to the clipboard.

In the comments section of the program’s page, there is a comment touting another program called Gadwin System.  I have never heard of it but its home page is open and will look deeper into it later.

I saved a few news pieces to read about the coming war in South America. It would appear we have a few macho men just itching for a fight.  Sound familiar? I won’t bother posting links because this is an ongoing situation and the content will be ever changing.

Freeware Files displayed a 1.3 version of Able RAWer.  This is a graphic handler for RAW files to be downloaded directly from the camera.  I currently use Picasa for this.  The interesting thing is there was an ad for Picasa running on this page.

I am not sure why I saved the link to WordPress, but it was on my list, so, go start yourself a blog.  Enjoy!

If you’re interested in the show on BBC called Torchwood, this article from TV Squad will tell you more than you want to know prior to seeing the show.  If you have seen it, reading this article may give you insight into the motivation for this episode’s creation.  This does rate a SPOILER ALERT!!

IMAP pros and cons from downloadsquad.

Daily Blog Tips is an interesting page if you blog.

The last link was to a song called Cake.  Unfortunately my script blocker on Firefox displayed a half dozen blocked scripts that would have to be activated to hear the song.  One, maybe as many as three scripts I can understand.  When the number gets higher than that, the page writer is up to something.

That’s the evening graze.  If we stay up late, which we rarely do on a Sunday night, we may post one more today. 

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