Morning Graze From Google Reader

From is this link to an entry on Windows screen Docks.   It is a very thorough listing.  I am not a fan of screen docks because I make most use of the Quick Launch tool bar in Windows XP.  But for those who like bells and whistles, docks are good.

If you’re looking for some interesting feeds to add to the feed-reader you use, the downloadsquad site as a huge number of RSS tags on a broad set of platforms and on-line applications.

I picked three of the hundreds of available feeds.  I know this will bite me if  we abandon the reader for a day or two. 

We’ve been mystified by Twitter for quite a while.  Perhaps this link to Webware’s article Newbie’s Guide to Twitter will help.

This  photograph of Charles and Anne Morrow Lindbergh taken in 1929, four months after they were married, is a marvel in the detail of their features as well as the airplane in front of which they are standing.  The blurb below is worth reading as well.

The Ultimate Guide to GMail Collection of over 80 Tips.

The next link was to intense  This site has been mentioned in other blogs and podcasts.  We tool the comments add-on and installed it on 

Just another added feature.

And finally, just for fun, if you live and work in Cambridge, The Periodic Table on steroids…

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