March Night Graze

I thought I would listen to the latest net and night with Amber MacArthur and Leo Laporte.  I expected geek talk. 

Amber mentioned a YouTube video with Jimmy Kimmel and Ben Afflect declaring their love for each other. It is genuinely funny.  The Sara Silverman video that lead to the creation of this video is not as funny, more vulgar.

Though we’re not sure we’ll use it much, we installed Pidgin after reading this Lifehacker page.

It is very hard to go read my RSS pages while listening to Leo and Amber because they are going over and over about this and that link.  I need to pause the show to get his page finished.  DISTRACTION!!!

This Lifehacker page listing 157 of PC Magazines favorite something or other is not worth going to for the link to PC Magazine, but to read the ranting of the commentary trashing PC Magazine.  Whoa!  I thought most of this sort of ranting was preserved for Microsoft and the Royal Family.

If you haven’t read Neil Gaiman’s American Gods, this is the last time I am putting up this link because the free on-line version will not be up that much longer.  I love this book and have three copies of it.  One to keep and two to lend out to friends.

I thought I would post the page on Speedwords, but found it boring.  Google it if your are interested.

If this article was available to me months ago it would have been easier for me to settle down to the two blog writers I use most, Scribefire and Windows Live Writer.

Again, as with most pages like this, read the comments. w::bloggar is mentioned.  I think that was my first blog writer.

Quick Links before bed.

Ashampoo Clipfinder

Those Inexplicable Traffic Jams

Free Starter Kit Give Away from Seventh Generation

Say Goodnight Gracie!

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