Sundown Graze

If you are a fan of Cali Lewis, her Flickr page may be of some interest.  If you aren’t a fan, on what planet do you reside??

I just went through 55 Boing-Boing  RSS feeds and found nothing worth linking to this evening.
This applies, oddly enough to Lifehacker as well. 

There was a piece saying the product Airborne Cold prevent-er was really crap. I knew that already, but wasn’t sure on the veracity of the reports source, so, no link.

Twitter in Plain English somewhat explains the way Twitter works.  I just haven’t figured out how to add URL’s to it yet.  Give me time, I will.  I know I can post a URL naked, but I want to make it as a link, the way we do on this blog.  I looked into the hash mark (#) linking, but that’s not what I want right now.

Windows Fanatics has a message about the Top 5 Music Web Sites. I have been to each of the sites listed.  My favorite is AccuRadio . LastFM starts when I start MediaMonkey.  Pandora puts you on a Junk Mail List and is very annoying for that reason alone.

There is a lot of traffic about the Google Calendar synch with Outlook.  But the Robert Scoble is asking why aren’t you using Plaxo?

Switched from AccuRadio to Net@Night

Here’s a surprise: Ziff Davis applies for bankruptcy. (New York Times)

If you use Picasa here are 10 tips to improve your photos.

The conversation on Net@Nite is covering a site called DropIO.  I just set up an account there.  I think this will be of great us to us.

Goodbye Chef Irvine.

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