Ton of Stuff in my Read-It-Later

Over the past few days I haven’t been posting too many links.  This doesn’t mean I haven’t been saving them.  They are sitting in my Read-It-Later link on the Firefox tool bar.  Now is the time to scan through them and see if any are worthy of sharing.

It goes without saying that commandN is worth a look.  Brother Jeff has a wicked cold.  In the comments section @Amber also states one of the other members of the crew is stricken as well.

Google Calendar Sync at Google Agenda (beta) worked quite well for me.  Now when I put an entry into my Blackberry, it automatically appears in the Google Calendar.  I have the calendar set to send me my daily agenda at 0545.  Now that it is synced into my Blackberry, these agendas are more meaningful to me.

If you use Calgoo, it carries over into that, through Google Calendar.  Cool.

Make Use Of has a handy-dandy list of sites and programs to make use of the IM format.  According to Leo LaPorte, his children no longer use IM in favor of SKS.

The IHT has a review, and short biography.  It is about Lush Life and its author, Richard Price.  If you have never read any of his work, or seen it in movies, and you have an interest in things New York, (gritty) you may want to read this article and then go ahead and get the book.

The next RIL, (short for Read-It-Later) was an article on Laughing Squid about the visit to the Colbert Report by Mark Frauenfelder. (See SXSW twitters).  That link is of much less interest than this one of photos taken at the set of the CR, while waiting from Mark.

Hulu has come out of beta.  I have been using it for the past few weeks. The public interface is a lot more on the WOW side than the one with which the beta testers were presented.  I suppose they were of the opinion that beta testers require no sales pitch.  If you haven’t visited yet, and love TV, it’s is certainly worth the effort. 

The old Barney Millers ware a blast from the past.

I have no idea why I saved this Stumbleupon link.  Feel free to comment and tell me why.

Lindsay Lohan made a bit of a wave emulating Marilyn Monroe’s final sitting.  This link takes you to a gallery online selling the actual of photos of MM for that sitting.  It is sad to see these photos for those of us who remember the day she died.

On My Newton’s Blog is this recommendation of the Nikon Camera I have been using since our trip to the Inside Passage.

Lifehacker has this article on FriendFeed.  If you read the Twitter’s displayed on the right column of you will see that we just revised our FaceBook and MyPlace pages and added a FriendFeed page this morning.

I am not sure why Lexisum is useful, but for those who like summaries, instead of the full boat, this interface to Wikipedia may be of some small use.  Personally I am an information  junkie who would not want to leave the summarizing to this page’s discretion.

There was a link at Firefox Mastery regarding a list of configuration changes you can make to Firefox.  In one of the comments to the list a user asks why this list was copied over from gHacks.  You can find the tips in their pristine status at the gHacks Firefox Tips page.

Prophylactic is how the word is spelled.  This "social media aggregator/lifestreaming service" spells it Profilactic.  I wonder if that was on purpose or for URL availability.  As usual, when we find places like this, we try it.

Arthur C. Clark’s NYT Obit.  RIP

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