Saturday Sweep

It is a goal for this evening to sweep the Read-it-Later folder of all its content and share those pages worth review with you.

We got a kindle for the winter holiday.  It took 70 days after receiving the gift coupon for the real thing to arrive.  If you blog down in you will see where exasperation was expressed.

On Lifehacker there is this article on "How the Kindle Saves You Time…"  it is a almost thorough explanation of Kindle uses for the man on the street.  One feature it doesn’t mention is the ability to quickly download samples of the books.  Most of the samples consist of the prologue/introduction and the first chapter. 

Of the five or six samples I’ve downloaded so far, I have ordered two.  The great thing is you get to the last page of the sample and you are offered the book at the discounted Kindle price.  It is almost too easy.  Impulse can rule.  You tap on the button with the rolling wheel mouse-like control and before you can blink, the book is on your Kindle.  Uber-browsing.

Though the title of this page on RWW touts only Ten Sites for Finding Wonderful Things if you scroll down into the comments, you will find more that twenty other links of interest.    One entry has a list of sites of interest including this one on open source audio-books.

The MIT presence on tube can be found at the amazingly uncomplicated 

The other YouTube link for the evening is run by Guardian TV.  This is a good place to visit the Cheese Diaries: 

Back to Lifehacker for a link to the Eight Worst Foods in America.  Of course I ate the first thing on the list at a highway rest stop on the Massachusetts Turnpike.  It looked healthy???

I lust after this item.

This is what we’re going to play with after posting this graze.  It’s called Brief and touts itself as a streamlined feed reader extension for Firefox.  We didn’t have much luck with the mail reader last night.  Wish us luck.


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