Sunday Morning, Six A.M..

The purpose of a Sunday Morning, is to allow you to wake up when your body, rather than some mechanical device inspires it.  This is only true if you don’t have children, dogs, cats, snoring spouses or various body parts that require your attention.

It was two out of the bunch this morning.  Which two shall remain unknown to the general public.Edmund Blair’s A Summer Shower

A lot of what would have been written here under MUSING has been relegated to Twitter.  Instead of a lengthy rambling, such as this, on Twitter, the entry is limited to 140 characters. 

There are hacks that will allow for longer, and you can load links, mostly miniaturized to expand the thought, but still, it is within the 140 characters I try to frame the complete thought.

All of the RSS readers this morning are filled to the brim.  We opened them.  We closed them. 


We brewed tea and read the news.  Then, after half of the tea was consumed, we wrote this rambling comment.

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