What was with the umbrella?

We just watched, as we do every year, the Macy*s fireworks display on NBC. 

Did the professionals go home and let the interns run the show?  That was the most pathetic display of amateur production techniques I’ve seen since High School.

Detail from the painting Feuerwerkh, welches Herr Johann Kouhn People are watching the show to see the fireworks. 

In the middle of the magnificent pyrotechnic display, for which I am sure Macy’s spent a fortune, they pop a singer up who is supporting a golf umbrella across her shoulder.

The umbrella blocks the view of the fireworks her song is supposed to enhance.  You could see the poor camera operator trying to get around her to the left.  And then some idiot of the highest degree decides to project stars onto the umbrella.  What was that supposed to do, make us less annoyed? 

Didn’t work.  It made us notice the umbrella even more.

I feel almost as bad as when NBC stopped showing Mary Martin in Peter Pan on my birthday.  Not as bad as when Dave Garroway left the Today Show.  Somewhere in between.

Happy Fourth!

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