People Can Be Found

People can be found in the weirdest places.   I was looking for something about acoustic waves for my son when Amber MacArthur’s name flashed by my eyes.

It was in an article found it, of all places, a web page called Guitar Wave.  It promotes itself with the phrase: A place for guitar enthusiasts with emphasis on equipment and tutorials

I am a large fan of Amber. 

First seeing her along with the guru of gurus Leo Laporte on Screen Savers, I’ve watched her share her love of all things computer – right up to her present incarnation on commandN.
Each week I try to comment in the episode’s page.

Expect nothing profound in our comments.  The episode before this found us commenting on the dog-tag style earrings.   It also took us a while to get use to the low-key style of Will Pate, her current co-host.  Before him was Mikey

If you went out of your way to find a personality polar opposite of Mike Lazazzera, you must find Will.

I hope you come to commandN in a less oblique way than a search for information on sound waves, but when you do get there, expect yourself to start looking at older episode for no other reason than to watch the few weeks where her hair went native.  This careful warning before you go there, it’s addictive.

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