Besides having many of the Famous Grazing domain names; in the early years of domain registration we also picked up the sgtret domains. has always defaulted to the JDK Communications of New England (Special Education Consulting) web page. was parked at

Not being pleased with the behavior of some of GoDaddy’s owners, we left it there to rot, pretty much.  Whatever we wanted to do to the page, the hosts seemed to think rated a charge. I can understand they need to make money, but once a site is hosted they shouldn’t be nickel & dimed.

We lost due to neglect. We had to wait four years to get it back without paying a bloody ransom.  Now we have redirected it to the Google vanity page where we are listing the seven active Famous Grazing blogs.  We’ve totally abandoned a dozen or so.

You can still find them if you search.  The web preserves pages forever, we are told.

The question now is: do we update the Twitter and Facebook pages to reflect this?  Perhaps. 


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