On vacation: any meaning?

Connected as we are in the beginning of the 2nd decade of the 21st century, it has become hard to be truly on vacation. I have tried to accomplish this by leaving my work cell phone in its charging station @ home.

A weak gesture, I know but the anxiety of not having it with me hasn’t diminished on this fifth of ten days off.  Home is three states away.

My home phone rings through to one of our cell phones that work in patches of this,  the rocky coast of Maine.  But would work even think to call me at home?  I know my home number is on noone’s speed-dial.

There are probably at least a half dozen ways to reach me, but without the direct umbilical i still feel disconnected.

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Nexus 7

I know each time a new bogging app comes along a promise to make more blog entries has been given. I won’t do it this time.

But, if a rise in the # of entries does occur, it just may be due to how dangged easily they can be done using the Nexus 7 with the SwiftKey keyboard for tablet.


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Kindle Fire App for WordPress

Using Kindle Fire to post to a blog was not on my expected tasks when I bought it.  A search for a Tumblr app changed that direction.  Now my goal is to find an app to post to blotter.  So far – no luck.


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On Which One Does it Have a Greater Effect?

It is of course monumental to the HS Senior, the last June of his Secondary education. But is it more so to their parents?  In this culture to advance to adulthood really starts when one leaves High School, whether by graduation or quitting. 

My three brothers all left early, each for their own reason. It is without doubt their adult lives began at that moment,  They needed to find work or go into the military.  One even started his family upon leaving.  I stuck it out and finished before going into the military.  I know I, and am pretty sure my brothers, didn’t think for a moment how our leaving school mattered at all to our parents. They were done parenting us.  Very done.

That was 43 years ago. Things have changed.  Though we’ll be attending a graduation in two weeks, or so, I don’t feel there will be that abrupt disengagement.  No “Thanks for all the fish” song.  But still, there will be the change.

Neil Gaiman’s recent speech was to a college audience.  I think this recording of it should be mandatory viewing for all High School graduates as well.


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Yesterday’s Visit to Dana Farber

Just a quick note:

We went in for our scheduled consultation with my oncologist at Dana Farber yesterday. 

“See you in six months.” was what she said.

We liked that.


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Don’t Forget The Batteries!

When we fall back an hour tonight, don’t forget to change the batteries in your smoke detectors!


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Besides having many of the Famous Grazing domain names; in the early years of domain registration we also picked up the sgtret domains.

 Sgtret.com has always defaulted to the JDK Communications of New England (Special Education Consulting) web page. 

Sgtret.org was parked at GoDaddy.com.

Not being pleased with the behavior of some of GoDaddy’s owners, we left it there to rot, pretty much.  Whatever we wanted to do to the page, the hosts seemed to think rated a charge. I can understand they need to make money, but once a site is hosted they shouldn’t be nickel & dimed.

We lost sgtret.net due to neglect. We had to wait four years to get it back without paying a bloody ransom.  Now we have redirected it to the Google vanity page where we are listing the seven active Famous Grazing blogs.  We’ve totally abandoned a dozen or so.

You can still find them if you search.  The web preserves pages forever, we are told.

The question now is: do we update the Twitter and Facebook pages to reflect this?  Perhaps. 


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