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An Unscheduled Saturday

Image by sgtret via Flickr With all of the planners, events, reminders and scheduled entertainment now in our lives; when we came upon a Saturday with no events planned it seemed very odd. It was as if we did something … Continue reading

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The Town Meeting Went Well

Image by Getty Images via Daylife I resisted the urge to speak until someone said “Vernal Pool.”  Without thinking I was too my feet saying the question had not been answered.… Note: Cross posted from Bell Tower News. Permalink

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Hyperwords is just about the most useful add-on to Firefox that I have seen in quite a while.  Most of the utilities that I have added over the past four years have either silently incorporated themselves into the browser’s basic … Continue reading

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Town Meeting Tomorrow – Church Meeting Today

It’s meeting season in New England.  Everyone wants to get the business done before we all leave for balmier climes. A decade and one half ago, I was fascinated by the pure, democratic process of the New England Town Meeting… … Continue reading

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Happy Mothers Day!

Image via Wikipedia There are few spare moments between the breakfast my son made for his mother at 0600 and the dinner we plan to share with other mothers and their families. In that spare time there are two ‘utilities’ … Continue reading

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Legacy of Laughter

Image by Getty Images via Daylife Dom Deluise recently died.  That can be said to be sad, but he certainly left us a legacy of laughter.  On the NBC Nightly News, shown through the Hulu portal, I found this clip: … Continue reading

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Where We Were Standing When We Heard

This is a photo I took to show from where we were standing when we heard the news that cases of the h1n1 Virus were found a few miles away. It was an international petri dish.  It reflected in many … Continue reading

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