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The Poetry of a Pompous Twit

Occasionally, when a fit hits me and I reorganize my home office; I come across long buried memorabilia. This time is was a wire ringed notebook of poems I wrote just before leaving for my stint in the Marine Corps, … Continue reading

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The Art of Asking

Technorati Tags: Gaiman,SpEd LiveJournal Tags: Gaiman,SpEd In a day and a half over half a million people have watched this talk, at the TED website and on YouTube. I am so proud of her. The Art of Asking Neil Gaiman … Continue reading

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While we still have power…

So far this well touted blizzard has been very well mannered.  Two PM was its scheduled time. I find seeing questions on the various weather related sites as to the “scheduled” time for this natural phenomenon to arrive. We are … Continue reading

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Kindle Fire App for WordPress

Using Kindle Fire to post to a blog was not on my expected tasks when I bought it.  A search for a Tumblr app changed that direction.  Now my goal is to find an app to post to blotter.  So … Continue reading

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A Lot of Stuff About Dreams

Image by sgtret via Flickr On Facebook and elsewhere on the web there seems to be a lot of “stuff” about dreams of the future. That and the phrase “Considering The Economy…” I feel as if it might be a … Continue reading

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Reflection on The Media

Image via CrunchBase When we started creating Famous Grazing Blogs in 2004, it was the method of communication, the media, which captured out imagination. We explored and tried every online and off line method for blog creation. Most of the … Continue reading

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Autumn Was Nice

What there was of it.  One morning all of the trees on the way to work were vibrant green.  Then the weekend passed.  The next Monday the colors changed; orange, red and still the constant evergreen. Then the weekend passed … Continue reading

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