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The Last of the Snow Just Melted.

I was looking out of the second story office window this morning and commented that there was still snow piled along the west side of the driveway.I looked again after getting home this afternoon.  Mindlessly looking around I noticed a … Continue reading

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The Poetry of a Pompous Twit

Occasionally, when a fit hits me and I reorganize my home office; I come across long buried memorabilia. This time is was a wire ringed notebook of poems I wrote just before leaving for my stint in the Marine Corps, … Continue reading

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The Art of Asking

Technorati Tags: Gaiman,SpEd LiveJournal Tags: Gaiman,SpEd In a day and a half over half a million people have watched this talk, at the TED website and on YouTube. I am so proud of her. The Art of Asking Neil Gaiman … Continue reading

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While we still have power…

So far this well touted blizzard has been very well mannered.  Two PM was its scheduled time. I find seeing questions on the various weather related sites as to the “scheduled” time for this natural phenomenon to arrive. We are … Continue reading

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A hashtag on twitter is an indexing tool that allows users who don’t normally follow each other to open a discussion, add to a poll, or just add to the graffiti/noise. Don’t get me wrong here. Graffiti can be art … Continue reading

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The pie, oh dear, the pie!

I don’t plan to come near pumpkin pie until the family gets together again for the Christmas Holiday.  I don’t love it, but I ate this pie twice a year for more than six decades. Twisted logic says this trend must … Continue reading

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On vacation: any meaning?

Connected as we are in the beginning of the 2nd decade of the 21st century, it has become hard to be truly on vacation. I have tried to accomplish this by leaving my work cell phone in its charging station … Continue reading

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